Chortle Student Comedy Interview: Martin Pilgrim

By: Emily Cawse / Published: 09/03/2012

Chortle are bringing their Student Comedy Awards (powered by Sims 3) to Bristol this week, and I:M Comedy has been getting to know some of the hopefuls. Allow us to introduce our first competitor, Martin Pilgrim.

IM: Who is your favourite comedian?

MP: Stewart Lee.

What makes you laugh?

Stewart Lee.

When I Grow Up I Want To Be…

I’m studying to be a translator so I suppose I should say that! I doubt I’ll ever make a living out of comedy but it would be nice to keep it up as a hobby.

What are you like before a gig?

I’m normally pretty quiet. The important thing is not to get drunk.

What’s your comedy normally about?

When I was younger I thought that you had to be as offensive as possible so it was all about sex/porn etc. Then I went through a phase of only talking about weed. Lately it’s all been about Poundland because I’ve been working there.

@IMBristolComedy Advice: have fun, be funny! It was only my 7th gig so I have no idea how I won! – @MattRichardson3 (winner of Bristol heat 2010)

How do you deal with hecklers?

Very badly. I can’t improvise at all so if I get heckled it throws me off completely. I normally pretend I haven’t heard them whilst secretly agreeing with everything they’ve said.

What will you do on Wednesday if no-one laughs?

Give up for 6 months. This is my first gig since last October when nobody laughed.

Support Martin at the Chortle Student Comedy Awards, powered by Sims 3, in Anson Rooms 2 on Wednesday. Keep checking out I:M Comedy this week for full coverage of the competition.

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